Upcoming gigs

Upcoming Gigs

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TESTT (Durham): April 12th

The New Adelphi (Hull): April 15th

Workshop Theatre (Leeds): April 17th

Hydra Bookshop (Bristol): April 18th

Derby Theatre: April 20th

Harrogate Theatre: April 24-25th

Ovalhouse (London): April 26-28th


London Book Launch at Ovalhouse, April 26th

York Book Launch at All Saints Church, April 29th

Small Fry DIY, Warrington, 2nd May

Spoken Weird, Halifax: 3rd May

Born Lippy, Newcastle 9th May

Shaken In Sheep Town, Skipton: 10th May

Find The Right Words, Leicester : 16th May

Queenie’s Coffee Nights, Huddersfield: 21st May

Gong Fu Poets, Coxhoe: 31st May

Verse Matters, Sheffield: 7th June

Slam Dunk, Hastings: 28th June

Word Club, Leeds: 29th June

Poetry Jam, Durham: 4th October

Sunday, 20 May 2012

LETTER TO THE MAN (from the boy)

Over a year ago, I proposed to Tom Bellerby, then-artistic director of TakeOver Festival 2011, I wanted to do a solo show of my poetry.

But unlike an hour-long set of poem followed by poem, I wanted the show to have an overall theme and feel.  As most of my poems were about childish things, we decided to mould the show into a story about growing up.  Thus Letter To The Man (from the boy) was born.

LTTMFTB is a collection of poems starting off in childhood through to puberty and ending up at that age when you have the choice to leave home.  It’s changed a lot since those TakeOver days, but still has the same core essence of remembering what’s really important in life.  Friends, comics, cartoons and rebelliousness.

Well, the show went around a bit, Leeds, Coxwold, York and I’m massively grateful to everyone who came along, took part or helped put it on.  Mostly, thanks to people who have me feedback!

But now, with the support of Tom’s theatre company Pilot Theatre, I can announce I am taking the show…TO THE EDINBURGH FRINGE

This will be my fourth outing to Fringe, first time as a performer.  I have worked as a venue technician twice, so this will be a whole new experience plugging a show, performing, reading/ignoring reviews etc etc.

I am incredibly proud and honoured to be at UNDERBELLY, a venue where I have seen fantastic theatre and they really respect spoken word and poetry.

So more information to come, but please check out these links and see you at the Fringe!